Institutional Inmate Advocacy
Prison Appeals and Personal Issues

At Allenatore, Esposito & Raffin, we take pride in our vigorous advocacy of an inmate’s rights. We encourage all of our clients and their families to hire AER as their long-term advocates. One partner and all of our counselors have extensive first-hand experience in both the federal and California state penal systems. Our BOP expert (who also possesses a law degree from a prestigious Los Angeles area law school) worked in three prison law libraries helping inmates with various appeals, 2255 motions and the administrative remedy process.

AER assists with administrative appeals (BP9’s, BP10’s and BP11’s), CA 602 filings, in-custody disciplinary charges (115’s) and various designation issues. We will also help to ensure that you get the medical treatment you need; at AER, you are never just a number. Medical neglect, guard abuse and misconduct are all too common in our penal institutions. You need us on your side, fighting for your rights. As a client, you and your family can rely on AER to protect your civil, religious and political rights

AER Experts, On Your Side!

Allenatore, Esposito & Raffin’s staff of consultants understand, in many instances first hand, how terrifying it can be when you’re facing incarceration for the first time. Our counselors and consultants will be there to answer your questions and listen to and address your concerns around the clock. Now you can arrange for an AER incarceration expert to be there for you from the time you’re indicted to the final day of your supervised release. You won’t do time alone with us on your side.

For additional information about our services, to discuss our fee structure or to arrange a free initial consultation, please call us directly in Los Angeles or navigate to the contact Us page to send an email directly to an AER consultant.

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